What was the cause of death of Pastor TB Joshua?
INFLUENCE Nigerian pastor and evangelist Temitope Balogun Joshua died on June 5, aged 57.
He reportedly died shortly after a live broadcast and a few days before his birthday.

Who was Pastor TB Joshua?

Nigerian pastor TB Joshua was considered one of Africa's most influential evangelists.

Born into a poor family on June 12, 1963, the Prophet suggested he was a "miracle child" after claiming he was in his mother's womb for 15 months.

As a young man he spoke of heavenly visions of God, having also proclaimed that he had been "prophesied" 100 years earlier.

One of these visions led him to form his own ministry called The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in 1987.

Its rise to prominence in the late 1990s coincided with the explosion of "miracle" programs broadcast on national television by various pastors.

The ministry has since claimed to have cured all kinds of illnesses, including HIV / AIDS.

People have come from all over the world to attend his weekly services in Nigeria's largest city, Lagos.

Pastor TB Joshua

Pastor TB Joshua

People have come from all over the world to attend his servicesCredit: AFP

Known simply as the "Prophet" to his followers, Joshua was one of the institution's leading figures and has been described by Forbes as one of "Nigeria's most controversial clerics."

He also ran the Christian TV channel Emmanuel TV and has toured often in Africa, the United States, the United Kingdom and South America.

In 2014, one of his churches collapsed, killing at least 116 people, including many South Africans.

A Lagos court coroner said "the church was guilty of criminal negligence," but he was never charged.

Additionally, just months before his death, YouTube suspended his account over allegations of hate speech after videos showed the preacher praying to "heal" gay people.

Facebook nearly deleted one of his videos that showed him slapping a woman while claiming he was removing a "demonic spirit."

What was the cause of death of Pastor TB Joshua?

Pastor TB Johnson is said to have died on June 5, shortly after broadcasting a live broadcast.

However, the cause of his death has not been made public.

A post on his Facebook page, which has more than five million followers, read: "God has taken his servant."

What has been said since the death of Pastor TB Joshua?

After people heard the sad news of Temitope Balogun Joshua's death, many took to Twitter to offer their condolences.

One person wrote: “Prophet TB Joshua is dead. Nigeria is losing a great man of God ”.

Another said: “TB Joshua was someone who really touched the lives of many poor people. "

A third tweeted that they didn't want the news to be true: "TB Joshua is dead? ... tell me that's a lie."


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