'Recovering from an ailment': Rubina Dilaik opens up after being fat-shamed by 'pseudo fans'
'Recovering from an ailment': Rubina Dilaik opens up after being fat-shamed by 'pseudo fans' - Rubina Dilaik said that contracting the Covid-19 virus in May this year jolted her discipline and health.

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Rubina Dilaik had recently shared on social media that she has been at the receiving end of hate mails and messages from people who were bothered by her recent weight gain. She had called them 'pseudo fans' thrashing them in a candid post on her Instagram account. The post quickly went viral in no time and grabbed the attention of her friends and colleagues from the industry.

In an interview to Hindustan Times, Rubina has revealed that she is recovering from the after-effects of the Covid-19. She was diagnosed with the virus in May this year. "“I’m recovering from an ailment. My body had gone through a lot of things during Covid. I was bedridden for a month. My body is healing. I need to show self love. And to all the trollers, I don’t care about them, but they need to stop crossing their boundaries. This is my life,” the actor said. 

The 'Bigg Boss 14' winner said that contracting the virus jolted her discipline and health. She still goes through tremendous hair fall , but she would not give up so easily and is recovering. She further added that she has been dealing with body shaming since a long time. The actor would get conscious earlier but now she has accepted herself happily.

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Rubina also explained the reason behind her Instagram post. She told that people had started attacking her family members through social media and that's when she decided to lash out at her 'pseudo fans'. "When the haters start involving families, you need to….(react)..They will tag my mom, father, husband, sisters, even my far-off cousins that tell Rubina that she is not working hard. She is looking old, has gained weight. Nobody has given you the right to reach out to them. It doesn’t matter to me, but somewhere my family gets bogged down”, the actor told the national daily. 

Condemning social media for  beauty standards for women, the actor said that beauty is now being judged by pre-determined parameters such as botox lips, raised eyebrows, chiseled jawline, well shaped nose and lean torso. Rubina urged people to normalise women with extra pounds and not get fixated on their shape and size.

On the work front, the actor recently appeared in Inder Chahal's music video titled 'Shah Rukh Khan' released on 18th November. Rubina's expressions and acting was widely appreciated in the track.

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