Is Amy Duggar King referring to the Duggars when she declares, "I will not be silenced"?
Amy Duggar King says, ‘I will not be silenced’

Amy Duggar King has been out of the reality television spotlight for a long time, but her ties to the Duggar family keep her name in the news.

She has been outspoken since her older cousin, Josh Duggar, was arrested on child pornography charges. Amy was unimpressed when the family was shaken by the first series of scandals in 2015, and she's even less so today.

Josh Duggar's previous Instagram remark on a photo of his sister Jessa Duggar Seewald has resurfaced, and given the claims of sexual abuse and the recent child pornography arrest, it's even creepier now. Josh had written the remark "I'm watching you [eyes emoji]" on an old photo of Jessa and her husband Ben Seewald from 2013, which he may have meant to come across as brotherly and protective, but reads as worrisome in context. "and the fbi is watching you josh hahaha," one Redditor joked.

Josh Duggar's

Josh Duggar's

Josh Duggar's

One reader commented, "I assume he was trying to be all'relatable big brother,' but because of who he is and what we now know, it comes out weird." "That would be OK if it came from a regular older brother. Coming from a sibling who raped you is scary," another agreed, but added that it was "still paternalistic and unpleasant anyway."" Finally, the comments came to the conclusion that the remark was completely offensive. One Reddit user remarked, "I suppose we can throw out 'protecting big brother,' as he was the guy his sisters needed to be protected from." "If I didn't know what he'd done, I'd think it was strange. It's starting to sound a little diabolical now, doesn't it? "Another was written.


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